Sunday, April 17, 2011


hey ANIEZA!!!
its already third week of APRIL..
n yet,,u havent do anything..
dont u noe that ur mid-year is coming soon???
n u're gonna sit 4 ur spm end of this year..
but,,look at u now..
u seemed so rilex like nothing gonna happen..
u become extremely lazy..
sleep n fb all d time...
ur hmwk???
when r u gonna do it????
u really need to change now..
ur hmwk is getting more n more n more..
ur exam is coming soon..
u have 2 work hard..
especially 4 add math n physics..
change now..
u have 2 help urselves..
4 ur own sake...

so guys,,,
im trying 2 change,,
to be more hardwrking..
but,,i don noe if i can make it..
pray 4 me k..
thank u..

*juz 2 remind myself..
*sorry if my english is bad..heehee..

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